About me

For some 30 years now I have enjoyed the art of sand sculpting. It is a passion that began as just a weekend hobby. This passion-this one-time hobby-has been polished over the years and as a result, I've received numerous awards.

I have been asked to judge several local and state contests, and have had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge and passion by teaching and mentoring the art groups and individuals from all over the country and even Canada, and including the Art Link program in Rockport, Texas, The Texas Sandfest and Downtown Ranch (the most rewarding of which have been the children and special needs individuals I have encountered with this "fever").

I have enjoyed working my magic for several commercial projects such as Albertson's, Foley's, Frito Lay, Corpus Christi Bayfest and the Buc Days Rodeo as well as sculpting for non-profit organizations including Wounded Warriors, American Heart Association and Downs Town Ranch, and many schools as well. I have sculpted sand for weddings, open houses, family reunions, and yes, even funerals.

With my years of experience in the craft I am able to create expansive dramatic pieces with great speed as crowds are delighted watching creativity and vivid imagination materialize into the finished treasure. I have expanded my interest into marine debris sculpting and these works have been displayed during a "Trash for Art's Sake" event and various other beach clean-up program events. I have also had my works displayed at the Texas State Aquarium and an Expo in Dallas, TX.

All of these experiences and achievements lead me to believe a quote once expressed to me by a "higher power": "A day spent sculpting sand is a day in which no aging will occur."

I offer lessons to any and all wishing to pass a day where "no aging will occur". You can find me most days in my sand pit at Avery's in Port Aransas, TX.

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